With expertise in the area of guardianship, I help clients through every step of establishing and administering a guardianship. Our goal together is to help enable clients to care for and to protect their loved ones.

The need for a guardianship generally arises under the following circumstances: 

  1. An individual has not previously executed a Durable Power of Attorney and or Designation of Health Care Surrogate and becomes unable to make everyday decisions. This individual is vulnerable to being manipulated or unduly influenced as a result of aging, dementia, or other mental disabilities. A guardian of this individual’s person and property must be appointed by the court.

  2. A child who is born developmentally disabled is legally considered an adult at the age of  18 years old. However, this child is unable to make everyday decisions or properly care for himself or herself.  A guardian advocate must be appointed for this individual. In most cases, the Court will appoint this individual’s parents or parent to serve as a guardian advocate.

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